MPR Plumbing & Heating

MPR plumbing & heating deals with leading manufacturers and distributors of refrigeration and heating equipment. We provide a variety of new and refurbished units, which are suitable for any size or type of building. We offer high quality and value for money products that are designed to meet current design and heating demands and, as such, will offer excellent performance. Our expert team are available to guide you through the process of making a decision on what is the right type of appliance for your requirements. MPR has been trading for many years, providing a wide range of products from our extensive stock.

MPR Plumbing Heating

The extensive product range of MPR & heating is very convenient for a wide range of customers, and we are continually improving our services to ensure that we are providing the latest, best quality products to our customers. Our plumbing and heating specialists can offer highly competitive prices for new boiler installations and can obtain extended product warranties because of better agreements that have been renegotiated with various suppliers. This has made us even more attractive to new customers, who have seen the value and reliability that comes with an MPR & heating system.

We provide a very comprehensive range of features and options, designed to provide value for money. One of the key features that have made us so successful is our boiler servicing service and our range of high quality boilers. If your property is serviced regularly, or if you want to make sure that your heating system continues to work at its optimum level, a boiler servicing program is vital to the continued efficiency of your boiler and system. In addition to this, regular maintenance and repairs can also help to improve your gas flow and reduce your heating bills. The most common problems associated with boiler servicing and installation are: leaks, poor efficiency, ineffective combustion and gas consumption. In order to minimize these risks and to increase the efficiency of your system, regular boiler servicing is essential.

An MPR boiler system requires boiler servicing and also regularly, usually within six months of purchase, boiler installation is required. Boiler servicing is carried out to: check operation, identify potential problems, make repairs and ensure safety. It can often be carried out by a single person in his own kitchen. However, if the property is located in an apartment or flat where there are several residents it is advisable to carry out regular MPR & heating checks in all rooms of the property. If a problem does occur, it can often be dealt with in the comfort of the home – meaning a hassle-free, timely service for your landlord gas safety checks.

When carrying out your boiler servicing and power flushing services you will need to have an MPR registered boiler technician with you to perform the work. They should be able to access the flue pipe easily and carry out the necessary repairs. If you use the central heating system to heat your entire property, then it may be worthwhile paying a separate MPR engineer to undertake your yearly power flushing service for your landlord’s gas safety checks. This will mean a saving in terms of having the engineer performing the boiler repairs in your home rather than in a local shop for fuel.

An MPR engineer will have a thorough knowledge of all the areas of your property that need regular boiler repairs and flue servicing to ensure safe construction and operation of your central heating system. They will know the correct depth and width of the flue pipes and the correct pressure they should be supplied with, as well as the correct valve pressures to operate the system. MPR boiler engineers also regularly carry out yearly power flushing service, ensuring your property is kept warm and dry.